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The Kidney Exchange Connection is a non-profit organization open to serving all those in need of
answers as they face the decision of having a kidney transplant or paired exchange.

We are dedicated to being a live resource for you to call upon us with your questions. Our organization and this website provide unique content, resources and services such as:

·SHARING– Connect with former transplant patients & their families so you may gain knowledge from those with real experience in giving and receiving a kidney. Ask questions and get answers.

·LEARNING – Further educate yourself on the process of giving and receiving kidneys, including the latest advancements in kidney transplants. Ask questions, get answers, and possibly save lives.

·SUPPORT – Receive encouragement from our growing community before, during and after the transplant procedures.

The Kidney Exchange Connection's founder, Gary Smith, is a donor in a rare double-paired kidney exchange.

Gary Smith's brother Layne Smith, discovered he had polycystic disease after being hospitalized for a skiing accident. Gary recalls, "I wanted to give a kidney to my brother but I was not a good match...I was devastated". Four hundred miles away, another set of brothers were facing the same life threatening dilemma. Gary found the Baum brothers through a kidney transplant program called, "Family Swap".
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Join The K.E.C forum and connect with others who are going through (or have friends or family going through) kidney transplant procedures. Be able to ask questions & get answers.

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True Stories

Read the true stories of donors and recipients of a kidney transplant. Be able to contact them directly to ask questions & get answers.

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Guest Speakers

The K.E.C hosts guest speakers who have kidney transplant experience, knowledge & expertise. Become a K.E.C member and be able to participate in special designated Live Chat sessions to ask questions & get answers.