About The Kidney Exchange Connection

The Kidney Exchange Connection Is Here For You.

The Kidney Exchange Connection, a non-profit organization, is the result of a joint vision shared by two individuals, Gary Smith and Kate Menzia.

Gary is a kidney donor from 2006 who participated in a rare, double-paired kidney exchange after he learned his brother had polycystic disease. Kate's interest came about when Gary (her financial advisor at the time) called to inform her he had given a kidney to another individual. Intrigued with his story, she began to research kidney disease and soon developed a passion to help others in need of a kidney transplant. Together, Gary and Kate discussed options to help others facing kidney transplant procedures. They wanted to create a non-profit organization that would enable people to have contact with a real person who has kidney transplant experience, to help answer their questions and receive support. The goal also included the idea of connecting those who wished to donate a kidney, with someone who needed one. Thus, the dream of The Kidney Exchange Connection was born and today it is a reality.

The Kidney Exchange Connection strives to reach many throughout the world and educate the public in the areas of kidney transplants and the paired-exchange process. It is believed that if one person can be helped due to the existence of the K.E.C non-profit organization, then all energy put into it's creation has been nothing less than worth it.

The Mission of The Kidney Exchange Connection Are These 3 Things:

Connect with former transplant patients who have practical experience and knowledge in giving and receiving a kidney. Be able to ask questions and get answers.

Provide education resources on the process of giving and receiving kidneys and the latest advancements in kidney transplants - particularly the paired-exchange procedure. Be able to ask questions and get answers.

Through the K.E.C community forum, receive support from our members before, during and after the transplant procedures. Be able to ask questions and get answers.

No matter what part of the world you are from, what your background is, or what your spiritual beliefs are, ALL are welcome to The Kidney Exchange Connection community! If you are going through a kidney transplant procedure, know someone who is going through a transplant procedure, or just want to learn more, let the K.E.C website be your home-base for sharing, learning and connecting!