Donating To The K.E.C

Dear Friends and Family,


Thank you for your heartfelt interest in The Kidney Exchange Connection. Thank you all
for donating financially to our cause.


The money we receive will be used to fund the organization’s website costs, putting on
seminars from various medical personnel, to hire and pay a person to fill the Executive
Director position, and lastly, to pay overhead costs once we have an office.


It is utmost important for Gary and I to utilize donations in a trustworthy and honest
manner, keeping all types of costs as low as we can and still maintain the website and office.
We plan to post all expenses on a quarterly basis that all that have donated will be able to see
how their financial contribution was used.


If ever anyone has a concern, question, or suggestion regarding our financial obligation
to donors, please contact us as soon as possible that we can modify or correct an issue
that may arise. We are pleased to work with our contributors to manifest a honorable and
financially sound organization.


Thank you once again for supporting The Kidney Exchange Connection. Thank you also for standing
with us in assisting those in need of a kidney.  Please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to speaking with you.



Gary Smith & Kate Menzia